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Javier Capo

"Im a massage therapist and world traveller from Mallorca"

I love massage and holistic wellness and always wherever I travel I receive a massage, I learn from masters and join some healthy workshop or retreat.


Nowadays my work is my passion.

After more than 10 years giving massages and learning many different techniques from masters around the world I create my own style and selection.

Also, I,m also COACH and organize healthy workshops (Detox, traditional sauna,...). And I have my own massage school.

I,m a Giver , I touch with full respect, consciousness  and taking care of you , Im intuitive , I listen your real need and I adapt my work for you. People say I have a gift and my hands are magic.


Please, select your massage,  and  contact me. You can also read the testimonials .

Last years in summer time I have been doing mobile massage in Mallorca. I still doing that very happy and success. 


2019 Professional Tantra Massage (Belgium)

2019 Awakening Through Pleasure - Trauma Release - Dearmouring (Sweden)

2019 De-Armouring Training - Emotional Release (Holland)

2019 Blissful Love Making (Belgium)

2019 Unleash your Ecstatic Potential (Belgium)

2019 Tantra Massage (Belgium)

2019 Shining Light into Hidden Desires (Belgium)

2019 Conscious Intimacy (Belgium)

2018 Tantra Retreat (Bali)

2018 Trascendental Coaching (Spain)

2017 Sacred Sexuality and Relationships (Spain)  

2017 Sexual Healing and Freedom - Tantric healing (Spain)

2016 Californian Massage

2010-2017 Holistic Training with Peruvian Shaman

2008 Massage Training 

Teachers and Schools 

Alexa Mira - Temple of Tantric Arts (Belgium)

Sanna Sanita, De´an , Suzanne, Aaron - Dearmouring (Holland, Sweden)

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Alethia - Mente Poderosa (Spain)

Amerai Carrera - Tantra esencia de vida (Spain)

Sujati - Spazio Californian Massage (Spain)

Pedro León - Shamanism (Perú)

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Carrer Ses Rentadores

Sóller - Spain


Carrer Golf de Lleó

Palma de Mallorca


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